Musee Du Bonbon

This is not just an ordinary exhibition, but the most chic exhibition in Vancouver in 2019!

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La Gallerie Rose

Pink museum that you can immerse yourself into. The memory of invaluable art pieces has been blurred, and it has become another healing feeling of “soft and lovely” here.

Palais Royal

Inspired by the artist installation Les Deux Plateaux by French artist Daniel Buren in the Palais Royal Plaza, the patchwork black and white grid makes you lost, and the criss-crossing of the spaces give you endless imagination.


Bath-leisure style all started in a cover of Vogue Paris magazine, where Rihanna wrapped her hair in a towel after she came out of shower. The glamorous towel selfies quickly became the most stylish feeds that sweeps social media. The supreme comfort inside the pink bathroom is so addictive yet glorious.

Le Dessert

The bright yellow instagram style room is covered with candy and cake pillow. It is so warm, and reminds me of the fascinating desserts of Paris.

Thanx God I‘M A V.I.P.

Let’s take you to the famous vintage shop in Paris. To all the shopaholics, don’t you just wish that you are the VIP.
The bright orange boxes carries the longing of many ladies. There is nothing the orange box can not solve in a relationship. If it is not solved, take two, if still not solved, take a bunch.

Un doux Rêve

You probably have screamed as you enter this rainbow swimming pool. Do not stop dreaming and do all you want in there.

Floating Pink Interspace

An imaginative space that contains reflections on time, space, art and artifacts. Time has stopped in the floating pink interspace.


The coffeeshops around the corner are Paris’ iconic street symbol. Dive into deep ocean blue along with the white colour scheme gives us this intangible sensation.


In the shiniest room, you can “relax”, you can “think”, you can also “make a wish”. You can weave your beautiful dream together with the shininess.

Musee Du Bonbon

In the corner, the piles of pink-coloured cargo boxes must go along with your styled photo shoots. Play and get inspired.

French Vintage Bicycle

The Vintage style continues to be popular in the social media. Take a relaxed walk around and feel the french romance.